Nederlands Dans Theater and ABN AMRO have been close partners in creating, supporting and achieving talent development and affiliated programs. As a founding partner, ABN AMRO provides general support for projects within NDT that maintain the core value of the company. More concretely, this collaboration is explored in relation to talent development which is one of the key activities for both ABN AMRO as well as NDT. The NDT Summer Intensive serves as the ultimate example of this.

As a founding partner of NDT, ABN AMRO supports the Summer Intensive in particular. To give shape to one of its basic principles of social engagement and investment in future talents, ABN AMRO has launched the 'Partner of the Future' program. Within this framework ABN AMRO supports and encourages the bank's ambitious individuals, but also cultural, sports, educational and entrepreneurial institutions that want to achieve something greater, by offering them a helping hand in discovering talent or the realization of their ambitions.

NDT also wishes to express a warm thank you to all other supporters of NDT Summer Intensive 2018. NDT worked together with private donors who generously funded the course fee for a dancer or supported in another way by contributing to a specific part of the NDT Summer Intensive for example the new creations and costumes, the repetitors or the presentation. And again this year guest families opened up their homes to accommodate participants during the course. This years’ course could not have been realized without your help.


Bestuur Vrienden NDT

Mrs Albrecht

Mr and Mrs Baaima

Mrs Bouma

Mrs Crijns

Mrs van der Horst

Mr Mysliwetz

Mr Ramaker

Mr van Roosmalen

Mr and Mrs Rutgers

Mr Sandbergen
Mrs Schoorl and Mr van Boven
Mrs Schut
Mr Troy
Mrs Uleman
Mr Valkenberg
Mrs Weernekers and Mr Miedema

…and all others who supported us financially or otherwise